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The Irish World Academy of Music and Dance at University of Limerick and Liz Roche Company have created a

new creative partnership, IntraSpaces, an experimental space for both organisations to collaborate on research, performance and pedagogy/training.

Exchange will take place across the fields of high level professional practice, arts research and performance training to foster relationships between the Academy, Liz Roche Company and a wider range of Irish and international artists, organisations and communities.

This partnership model between the university and this professional dance organisation supports the development and dissemination of dance knowledges across the Irish and international arts and research landscape.

Interdisciplinarity is key, with a view to creating opportunities for shared projects to intersect with a range of Academy faculty, students and courses. LRC will offer open access to students into its working practices supported by the expertise of the company dancers, associated dance artists and creative collaborators in sound, light, set, costume and dramaturgy. Particular alignments for shared performance projects are envisioned with the MA Contemporary Dance Performance and the new MA Composition and Creative Music Practice.

A series of artistic and performative outputs are proposed for each year.

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Liz Roche Company 

Events coming up:

7th - 9th October 2019 Liz Roche and Jenny Roche will conduct a three-day research with students from the MA in Contemporary Dance Performance, continuing the research that began with the company in June 2019.

27th October - November 13th 2019 New York based choreographer and dancer, Jodi Melnick will be working with Liz Roche Company on a new work for 2020. During this time Jodi will also make a new short work for the MA in Contemporary Dance Performance Students. 

Planned events for 2020:
Symposium - we will continue to run this Symposium first presented in 2019 making an international gathering of artists and academics in Limerick possible for a three day event comprising of performances, presentations and open forum discussions. (Partnered in 2019 with Dance Limerick and the Lime Tree Theatre/Mary Immaculate College).

2 week company research and development at IWAMD.

Choreography and Composition Intensive with members of professional community and MA's in Contemporary Dance and Creative Composition.

Lighting Design for Dance Project January 22nd 2020 – This is a focused and strategic professional development and action research opportunity for selected members of the professional dance community and dance makers from the Irish World Academy postgraduate programme who are matched with post-graduate lighting designers. Partners Liz Roche Company, The Lir Academy, Dance Ireland and IWAMD at UL.

Links to Academic Journals and Papers supporting the research

Roche, Jenny (2018) ‘Traces from Elsewhere: Dancing Together Across Distance and Time’. Text and Performance Quarterly, 39 (1)



Roche, Jenny (2019). ‘Writing Wrongheaded: Narratives from a dance piece and community project exploring women’s bodily autonomy

in Ireland’, Social Alternatives, 38 (1), 5-14.



Roche, Jenny (2019). ‘Liz Roche’s Pilgrimage: shifts in perception through proximity to a dance’, in One Here Now: The Brian O’Doherty/Patrick

Ireland Project, published by Paper Visual Art and Sirius Arts Centre.

Past Events


The Capturing of Process in Contemporary Dance-making

Presented by The Irish World Academy of Music and Dance, UL and Liz Roche Company

Partners: Dublin Dance Festival, Lime Tree Theatre Limerick, Dance Limerick

Friday 21st to Sunday 23rd June 2019

Research Residency June 16th - 20th 2019 with I/Thou company - Miguel Do Vale, Gloria Ros, Kevin Coquelard, Ailish Maher, Sarah Cerneaux - with digital artist Ruth Gibson and researcher Jenny Roche

Research Residency June 6th - 15th 2019 with Beth Gill and Liz Roche Company dancers Henry Montes, Finola Cronin, Sarah Cerneaux & Liz Roche.