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Liz Roche Company

National Gallery of Ireland 

July 2017

Totems by Liz Roche

National Gallery of Ireland July 2017 in association with Dublin Dance Festival

Thursday 6th to 9th July 2017


"The whole is other than the sum of the parts” - Kurt Koffka


In a radical new departure, the acclaimed Liz Roche Company leaves behind the comfort of the traditional theatre space for the newly refurbished National Gallery of Ireland as part of a major programme of work to mark its opening. Here, in the wonderfully renovated Shaw Room, an extraordinary company of dancers and musicians will both confront and collaborate with this landmark artistic space in a joint act of creative renewal.


Each one of us brings our own experiences and personal stories to any artistic exchange but, in this moving new dance work, choreographer Liz Roche challenges herself, her performers and her audience to search beyond their own accepted wisdoms for something new, something “other”.


Drawing upon a cascade of intricate physical patterns and a dazzling choreographic vocabulary, TOTEMS is a kind of physical and psychological disrobing - a rare performance of pure and profound dance that echoes with our own deepest memories, symbols and shared histories

Choreographer Liz Roche Performers Henry Montes, Glòria Ros Abellana, Miguel Do Vale, Marc Stevenson, Liv O’Donoghue, Katherine O’Malley. Music composition and performance Ray Harman, Mary Barnecutt, Doug Sheridan Costume Designer Catherine Fay